An Off-Ramp from Obamacare: A Necessity and An Opportunity

March 12, 2015 — Blog

With oral arguments at the Supreme Court behind us, now the wait begins. In a few months, we’ll learn whether the Court has found—as any fair-minded reading of the law demands— that the Obama administration went beyond its authority by paying out Obamacare subsidies in states that used the federal health care exchange. But instead of ...

Job Creators Need Trade Deals to Protect U.S. Intellectual Property

March 11, 2015 — Blog

American job creators need fair and strong rules that hold people in other countries accountable when they violate our intellectual property rights. And that’s one more reason why we need to pass trade promotion authority (TPA).A healthy economy requires strong protections for intellectual property, as a

Trade Deals Tear Down Barriers for American Small Businesses

March 10, 2015 — Blog

Here's a stat: 98 percent of American exporters are small- and medium-sized companies—and they represent 40 percent of the value of U.S. exporters. It’s no secret that small businesses drive a healthy economy, but less understood is that they stand to ...

Bipartisan Group of Former Presidential Economic Advisors Call for TPA Passage

March 06, 2015 — Blog

Support for expanding American trade spans the ideological spectrum, and now a bipartisan group of former top presidential economic advisors is underscoring that fact. In a letter to congressional leaders, 14 men and women who served as chair of the President's Council of Economic Advisers are calling on Congress to pass trade promotion authority, noting that it "encourages ...

Trade Pacts Will Strengthen Our National Security

February 27, 2015 — Blog

The disturbing news from the Pacific is that China continues to beef up construction in disputed territory and spread its brand of “state capitalism.” At the same time, our allies question whether the United States is truly committed to being a ...

More Trade Will Help American Farmers and Ranchers Thrive

February 26, 2015 — Blog

America's farmers and ranchers will reap enormous benefits from expanding U.S. trade. Rural communities across the country rely heavily on the global economy for their livelihoods, but many of our agricultural exports are hitting trade barriers. That’s why passing trade promotion authority (TPA) is so important. It will help us reach ...

U.S. Agriculture Groups Support TPA

February 26, 2015 — Blog

Farmers and ranchers are rallying behind the bipartisan effort to pass trade promotion authority. Foreign demand for U.S. agriculture products is rapidly increasing, but our exports are hitting trade barriers. Passage of TPA would ensure high-standard trade agreements tear down these barriers and increase export opportunities for U.S. ...

529s Promote a ‘Culture of Saving’

February 19, 2015 — Blog

Next week, the House of Representatives will take up Rep. Lynn Jenkins's (R-KS) bill to strengthen and expand the use of 529 college savings plans. And two recent articles make a key point in their favor: 529s ...