Coronavirus Bulletin

Tax Day Update: Workers Are Getting Their Money Quickly

April 14, 2020 — Blog

Faced with the economic impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic, workers and small businesses needed more flexibility on the April 15 tax filing deadline. To help, President Trump pushed the tax filing deadline back to July 15th—allowing Americans to file later without penalties or interest. Important: if you expect to receive a refund, you are still encouraged to ...

Hope in Crisis: Neighbors Helping Neighbors

April 14, 2020 — Blog

April is observed as a solemn month for millions of Americans. Whether they are observing Easter, Passover, Ramadan, or simply taking in the beauty of spring, the fourth month of the year is a precious 30 days. COVID-19 has tried to decimate this month’s beauty. And the American people aren’t allowing that to happen. From a garage in Houston to an RV in South Carolina, here are some stories ...

Individual checks: Payments Are Already on Their Way

April 10, 2020 — Blog

Relief payments are already being processed, and are expected to hit bank accounts as soon as next week. Here’s what you need to know about the Trump Administration’s effort to get payments to Americans. Direct Deposit means faster payment: Many Americans filed tax returns in 2018 or 2019 and provided direct deposit information. Those taxpayers do not need to take ...

Hope in Crisis: More Resources for Front-Line Workers

April 09, 2020 — Blog

“Right now, businesses are rightly focused on helping on applying maximum pressure on the virus and survival,”said Ways and Means Republican Leader Kevin Brady (R-TX). “That is exactly where they need to be.” And that is exactly what local businesses nationwide are doing as we work to ...

Hope in Crisis: Vaccines and Virtual Bingo

April 07, 2020 — Blog

In the face of global pandemic, Americans are stepping up to help our medical providers and neighbors. As Rep. Kevin Brady said: “Coronavirus has knocked at America’s door, and with it fear. Faith is answering.” Here are examples of how Americans are stepping up across the country. More Drive-Thru Testing Sites Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Tennessee, ...

Hope in the Face of Crisis

April 06, 2020 — Blog

Times are scary for billions of people. The White House expects this week to be the worst on record for the number of cases the United States will see for people testing positive for COVID-19. Defeating the novel coronavirus is a global effort. And in the face of trial, non-profits, corporations, churches, and governments are all doing their part to help their neighbors and communities overcome ...

How Main Street Businesses Can Get Help for Their Cash-Flow Crisis

April 04, 2020 — Coronavirus Bulletin

The temporary cash-flow crunch caused by the coronavirus pandemic means workers and small businesses need help. With stay-at-home orders in place in most states, Americans are not going out and spending money at restaurants and other local businesses—and layoffs have begun. Thankfully, the CARES Act ...

Phase III Coronavirus Package // Paycheck Protection and Churches

April 04, 2020 — Coronavirus Bulletin

Many church leaders have been curious about whether they qualify for the Paycheck Protection program. Below are answers to some common questions. Who is eligible for the SBA Paycheck Protection Program? All churches are eligible for the forgivable loans available under the Paycheck Protection Program. Do you need to file a Form 990? No church should have to file a Form 990. ...

Phase III Coronavirus Package // Tax-Related Provisions

March 30, 2020 — Coronavirus Bulletin

Does the CARES Act include any changes to charitable contributions? Yes, the CARES Act provides taxpayers that do not file an itemized return an “above-the-line” deduction of up to $300 of charitable giving.   (Updated 3/30)

Phase III Coronavirus Package // Oversight Provisions

March 28, 2020 — Coronavirus Bulletin

There are two main oversight provisions for the Title IV and the Exchange Stabilization Fund ($500b). Creates Treasury Department Special Inspector General for Pandemic Recovery to provide oversight of Treasury loans and a Pandemic Response Accountability Committee to protect taxpayer dollars. Creates a bipartisan congressional oversight commission (5 members) that must provide ...