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Despite TCJA Critics, Charitable Giving Reached Near All-Time High in 2019 

June 22, 2020 — Blog

Charitable giving surged in 2019, flying in the face of then-Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi predictions of “Armageddon” due to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. News reports amplified concerns that TCJA would be the end of charitable giving as we know it. Now we know. These reports were wrong. Here are a few examples: The Los Angeles Times: 

Fact Check: No, America Wasn’t Heading Into a Recession Before Coronavirus

June 17, 2020 — Blog

America’s economic surge prior to the pandemic is a matter of historical record—and thanks in no small part to Republicans’ pro-growth agenda and tax reform. That’s precisely why Democrats have been denying the success. Just today, one Democrat claimed that America was “heading into a recession” before the pandemic, noting that our economy peaked before the lockdown according to a ...

Reed, Local Leaders Call Out Cuomo For Hoarding CARES Relief Funds to Child Care Facilities

June 16, 2020 — Blog

Despite receiving nearly $5.1 billion for New York state as part of the CARES Act, Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York has failed to distribute federal funds as Congress intended. The funds being withheld include $164 million in Child Care Development Block Grants and billions in direct aid for state and local governments. These funds were meant to be distributed to city, ...

Analysis: Democrats’ Proposed Tax Hikes Hurt Workers

June 15, 2020 — Blog

Despite continuing progress and a fragile economic recovery, Democrats, including former Vice President Joe Biden, have pledged to reverse critical parts of the 2017 GOP Tax Cuts. These tax hikes would hurt poor- and middle-class workers the most, according to multiple nonpartisan analyses. Tax reform provided a better path to recovery that should be replicated, not repealed, as America ...