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Crippling Tax Hikes in Democrats’ Reconciliation Bill

November 18, 2021 — Blog

Here’s a round-up of the tax increases in Democrats’ reconciliation bill. CLICK HERE for a printable version of this one-pager. Minimum tax on U.S. companies harms American consumers and workers This tax on anything “Made in ...

Brady: Bidenflation Worst Increase in 40 Years, Pay Cut Families Can’t Afford

November 10, 2021 — Blog

In response to the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting that the consumer price index showed inflation surging by 0.9 percent during October and 6.2 percent over the past 12 months – well over expectations – Ways and Means Republican Leader Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) said: “Inflation under President Biden is the worst in 40 years, and real wages for families are sinking faster than ...

Topline: Ways & Means Democrats’ Reconciliation Bill

September 22, 2021 — Blog

Ahead of Democrats’ numerous White House meetings attempting to get House and Senate Democrats on the same page about their job-killing multitrillion-dollar economic agenda, here’s topline messaging that explains the worst provisions included in their reckless tax and spending spree.  

STUDY: Biden Plan Shrinks the Economy

September 15, 2021 — Blog

President Biden’s $3.5 trillion tax hike and spending plan will decrease future economic growth and reduce private wealth, according to a new analysis from the Penn Wharton Budget Model (PWBM), a macroeconomic forecasting project based at the University of Pennsylvania. Key Takeaways: ...

Democrats’ Crippling $3 Trillion Tax Hike on Working Families and Small Biz Kills Jobs and Cures

September 14, 2021 — Blog

Democrats are moving forward with their $3 trillion tax increase on working families and small businesses to fund the greatest expansion of the welfare state in most of our lifetimes. Worse, it even wastes tax dollars on subsidies to the wealthy and special interests. Here is a quick run-through of some of the worst parts of this bill. Democrats Break Promises and Raise Taxes (and ...

BRADY: Dems Push Crippling Tax Hikes As Families & Main Street Struggle

September 08, 2021 — Blog

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Top Republican on the Ways and Means Committee Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) joined Larry Kudlow on Fox Business and Yahoo Finance to discuss Democrats' determination to ram through crippling tax hikes on working families and Main Street — even as President Biden’s latest jobs report showed little economic progress.